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financial future for you

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Community Savings is a charity that helps those who are experiencing financial difficulties, for whatever reason. Our aim is to promote financial inclusion in Jersey by providing free and confidential services, guidance and practical assistance to those most in need.

Our customers come to us from all walks of life, often following a distressing change in circumstances. There may be a variety of reasons why a person may need our help, including ill-health (both physical and mental), bereavement, redundancy or the break down of a relationship.

We will open an account for any local resident, even if they have been excluded from having an ordinary bank account.

We provide:

  • Basic accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Budgeting and mentoring support
  • Emergency funding
  • Financial education

Why use Community Savings?

A welcoming and informal atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our friendly but professional approach, and will always do our best to help you.
No cheque books and no overdrafts for account holders - so you cannot be tempted to spend what you do not have. Consequently, you will not suffer penal interest rates or administrative charges.
Savings. We encourage everyone who has an account with us to open a savings account and to put aside a small amount each month.
Help with budgeting. We’ll work with you to plan your weekly or monthly budget.
Financial mentoring and advice. We can often help you avoid or resolve problems.
Emergency funding. Members are eligible for emergency funding at affordable rates.
You can apply for a 3rd party pre-paid card. This will give you added flexibility as you can use it to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services, including over the telephone or online.

Take a look at what people have been saying about Community Savings...

Before I came to the ‘bank’ I walked the streets of St. Helier looking down at the pavement as I was so ashamed of my situation. Now, with the support of Community Savings, I walk with my head held high, both physically and mentally, as I again feel part of society.

You need someone just to take control and go, we’ll do this for you, little by little, step by step, just to get you back to normality.

They were very kind to me; I got the confidence out of that kindness. Six years later everything is fantastic and most of it is down to the way they helped me.

If you’ve got any judgement against you at all you’re not going to get into a bank – Community Savings – it’s like a saviour really, and you get treated like a normal person.

They didn’t judge me and that together with the practical help I received, gave me the confidence I needed to get my act together.

Of all of the places out there to help, at first sight Community Savings seems an odd place to go but I got the extensive support I needed.

I didn’t actually know where to turn, and I thought I was so clever that I didn’t want to ask my own family for advice. I’d rather have asked anybody that didn’t know me but my family knew something wasn’t right. But now, thanks to Community Savings, I am sorted and again feel a proper part of the community.

You get treated like a normal person and they saved me.

I am just grateful, they are so nice, helpful and not at all judgemental.


We would like to reassure donors that funds raised on behalf of, as well as donated directly to Community Savings stay with Community Savings.