Case Studies

Real stories of support and success.

We offer practical, sympathetic and respectful support to people who have experienced economic or other difficulties, often through no fault of their own, as the result of factors such as redundancy, bereavement, ill-health or the breakdown of a relationship.

Only identifying details have been amended in respect of the following case studies, in order to protect the privacy of individuals.


After a period of ill-health, David found himself unable to work and facing increasing levels of debt. Our team provided David with financial advice and a basic bank account to manage his monthly budget so that he could start to repay the money he owed, pay his regular bills and still save a small amount each month.


When Tina got divorced from her husband, she found herself unable to obtain a current bank account in her own name due to a poor credit history. We helped her set up a basic account and provided mentoring to set her on the path to financial independence.


Simon had an issue with substance abuse which had led him to live a chaotic lifestyle for several years. When he started working with a local agency in an effort to get his life back on track, they approached us to help. Simon was able to open a basic account and we provided him with mentoring and support to help ensure that he managed his finances effectively, for the first time in many years.


After many years of financial security, Steve was made redundant and suddenly found himself unable to cover his household bills. We provided short term financial assistance and our budgeting and mentoring support until he found alternative employment and got back on his feet.


Dina had terminal cancer and her husband was on reduced working hours so he could support her and their two children. They could not afford to buy Christmas presents for their children or purchase other requirements for the festive season. We provided a grant so the family could enjoy one last Christmas together. She visited the office early in the New Year to thank us for making her and her family’s Christmas so special. Dina passed away two weeks later.


Susan had been using an account with Community Savings for over two years and was effectively managing her finances. However, when an unexpectedly large bill arrived to cover a broken boiler she approached us for further support. We were able to provide an emergency loan to cover the bill and worked with her to set up a manageable repayment plan.