Budgeting and Mentoring Advice

Let's make a difference together.

From the minute you join, our advisers can help you plan your weekly and monthly budget and get customers back on track.

Whether it is caused by physical or mental health, redundancy, reduced income, bereavement, divorce, separation or other issues, we do not judge and are here to help you through your difficult time.

We work with you to calculate how much you need to keep for your essential living expenses; how much you can afford to save and what you may then have left to spend on yourself.

This is a free service and will help you manage your money. We can also provide ongoing budgeting and mentoring advice so that you can continue to receive the support you need so you can manage your finances.

Once you are ready to move on from Community Savings we can also help. We work closely with our banking partner, Santander International, and we can arrange a meeting with one of their team so that you can discuss your financial needs and how they might be better placed to help you in the longer term.